Friday, October 3, 2008

Adoption-A Story by Daniel

We are always open with our kids in talking about adoption. I tell and retell their stories so that they are very comfortable with them and feel free to ask questions. I had the pleasant surprise of having Daniel tell me his story tonight and this is how it went...

Once upon a time I was a little baby in my BaMommy's tummy (at this point he is actually looking at my tummy, but I know he is trying to get "birthmom" across but does not quite understand what that means yet). I was in there for THREE DAYS. Yes, THREE DAYS! (This is how he really said it, so cute!) I came out and Jesus gave me to Mommy. (We tell him that Jesus planned for him to have us as his Mommy and Daddy.) Now, I eat here. (This cracked me up! We often ask the kids, "How do you know we love you?" We help them with their response: we take care of you, we feed you (this is where he got that last part!), we play with you, we teach you, we discipline you...).

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my boy.

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Anonymous said...

He is our precious boy too and we couldn't feel more
blessed or happy that Jesus gave Daniel to all of us!!
He makes us laugh all the time and we love his hugs
and kisses AND all the verbage of the day!!!! HA....