Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A little blog refreshing!

I did something for "me" tonight. I updated my blog page. I hope you like the new color scheme and family photo atop. Is that really the best photo we could do?! Actually, yes.

As you can see from the picture the children are in full swing for soccer. We will actually be finished the first week of November (if we don't have any more rain forcing us to postpone games). The boys had their first game last night and really enjoyed it.

John gets a little Mommy coaching before the game
while another player practices making a goal.

Daniel worked so hard. He is still only 3 and smaller than the "big" 4 and 5 year olds that he is playing with. He keeps up so well and does a great job! He is our wonderful soccer dribbler!

John is hungry after making 3 goals all by himself! He worked hard too.

The girls had soccer photos last night so Aunt B stayed with them to make sure they were primped properly while Daddy and Mommy took the boys. The girls and Aunt B made it to the field to watch the last 10 minutes. The boys LIT UP when they saw Aunt B was there!

We are halfway through our third week of school. It is going well and the children are learning so much. We stepped off the actual size of Noah's ark yesterday. It was so fun and such a great way to get a real idea of the massive boat. The children couldn't believe it stretched almost from our house to Papa and Gramommy's. Wow. They are also enjoying Math U See. They are really understanding their Math concepts. Even the boys!

We dug out an old camera and are hoping to get more photos of the children. We will post them as events happen. Maybe. If the old camera continues to work. If we remember to bring the camera. If we don't leave it in the bathroom of whatever event we are at and then fly, in an airplane, several hours away from that bathroom, never to find the camera again. Maybe. We'll see. You'll see.

Well, I have one tiny boy with a bad cold who kept me up for several hours last night. Another big boy came in before said tiny boy and decided to cuddle me no matter where I went on my bed. So, I was up for about 3 hours... Wonderful Husband is gone on a trip tonight so I am off to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleeeeeep..... Good night!


justme27 said...

I love your new background!

I wanted to let you know you've inspired me. My husband and I are almost finished getting certified to foster/adopt in our state!

Petersonclan said...

totally cool new look! Wanna refresh MY blog? It's awfully boring.


Anonymous said...

I love the green and side stripes!! Really colorful and
fun....just like you!!! Have a cold free day! :)

Steph said...

Cute blog look, Kristen! I love seeing pictures of the kids. They're growing and changing so much. Can't we make them stop so we can at least meet more than half of them first? We love and miss you!