Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adoption: We Want More and 40 Days For Life

Peter and I want more children. We know God has impressed this desire upon our hearts and we readily accept this calling. We are quiverfull. It is funny to say that we are quiverfull when the essence of this means to be open to God controlling the womb, either by giving you 1 or by giving you 18. Nevertheless, we are quiverfull and know that God has a rich plan to grow our family for His purposes and His glory. We do not know where are next child is or where he will come from, but we know he is out there and we are preparing our hearts for him (or her).

I had an anonymous poster on my AFA Journal post who asked for prayer for her daughter who is pregnant and needs clarity on a plan for her unborn baby. Please pray for this girl as well as her family as they help her to make a prayerful decision. Anonymous: I will pray with you. God has a plan for this baby. I will pray that your daughter has ears to hear what God is telling her and that she sees you as a source of wisdom.

Abortion is a big topic in our country around election time. But it's a huge topic to God all the time. Abortion and Adoption go hand in hand. Since Roe v. Wade the number of infants in the foster care system has been drastically reduced due to the increase of abortions. The movie Expelled talks about the link between Planned Parenthood and racism. I probably don't have to tell you that adoption, abortion and racism are all topics that are at the front of my mind. That being said, have you heard about 40 Days For Life? This is a powerful tool that God is using across the country to bring Pro-Lifers from differing denominations together in order to pray and peacefully picket abortion clinics. Please check out the link and pray. Maybe you can join a peaceful picket near you.

I know there are people reading this who have had abortions. My heart weeps with you at the emotion that is in your soul. I know your heart is hurting. There are many places that offer caring help. This is one. I am praying for you too...

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Anonymous said...

Many tears for you who thought it was the right
thing to do...because way back when ~ your Church
said ~ it was okay! or maybe it was the World's doctrine you listened to.

I remember when it was said to
me that abortion was okay ~~ by
my own pastor in our Leadership Meeting
in 1978. I was pregnant with our 3rd child.

I am so sad for you who were
counseled, like me, that it was okay...

Now you live with that
burden and heartache! I pray for your hearts to
be healed because your baby is with Jesus! The
only perfect place and you will see him/her again!!
Know your God holds the perfect offer of forgiveness ~ in His arms and by His blood of compassion He makes you guilt free in Jesus!

Accept His proposal of forgiveness...and live your
life for Him ~ knowing you can make a difference
in this World!

Be free in Him and await your Homecoming with your child with joy and no longer something that cripples you with grief.