Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Apple Picking

On Monday we went on a wonderful field trip to go apple picking, berry eating and pumpkin patching! It was fabulous. We brought home about 50 pounds of apples, but they are going fast. Today, the children and I made crock-pot apple sauce. We are enjoying eating them and are anxious for our own farm, complete with apple trees! I promised my Mom that I would send text photos, but didn't take my phone into the orchard. So, here they are instead Mom. Enjoy!

Braving it by the beehives!

Daniel will be 4 at the end of the month. Little stud pulling 20 month old brother.

Ummm, any clue what happen?
Just apples, no little brother!
Catching back up.
D's tired. (Hope you enjoyed the progression. I couldn't leave that out, too funny!)
Our apple load.
50 pounds of You Pick apples (4 varieties), four pumpkins, loads of berries, fruit roll snacks from the shop, picnic by the goat pens, lots of walking, hot cider and a short drive through the country wondering if there is property for sale nearby! It was a really fun family filled day!


Anonymous said...

Oh those apples taste ever so good! Thanks for the
great pics and delicious apples. They are really
good with warm caramel sauce too!!

petersonclan said...

What sweet photos. Good memories! Hope you get to visit soon... we have all sorts of country to drive around and dream about...

stephanie garcia said...

Pumpkin patches are something we miss this time of year in Chile! You have a beautiful family. We, too, are a family blessed through adoption so I love reading about other families like ours. GOD bless!