Sunday, May 24, 2009

Extravagant Worship

What does extravagant worship look like to you? To me it is not worrying about what others think. I only want to worry about what my Lord and King thinks. I can't feel self-conscience if I feel pulled to my knees in worship at my occasionally-a-few-people-hand-lifting-church. I enjoy worship at my church. It is good. People just need to get outside themselves and give God "the glory due His name." (Psalm 96:8) Extravagant worship will cost you. It will not be easy. You may be criticized. You may be rebuked. But you will be remembered by our great God! (John 4:23)


The Barreness said...

thank you. I needed this!

Sometimes it's so hard to get beyond yourself and simply lift your hands to the Lord because of what others may think.

This is my new spiritual goal. To lose myself in His glory during worship!

60 toes said...

We are going through this exact problem right now. Our church in OKC was very passionate in their worship and we are not feeling the same here. Thanks for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I know if I start to think about other's around me I
loose my concentration on what I'm there for ~ to
worship my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...There are
no other arms to hold me, no other voice I long to
hear and no other person to worship but Him...