Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My home is a place of refuge. My desire is that when people walk in they feel the Prince of Peace ruling here. This is, of course, despite the five children running wildly through the house and vying for the attention of whoever has paid a call. We have focused this past year on how to greet people at the door. I am convinced that many things we teach our children need to be practiced in the home before they are capable of successfully completing the task outside of the home.

This past week the seven of us flew to Cali. Our trip was last minute due to a funeral. We laughed and cried with Grandpa and Oma. We rejoiced in face to face friendships with like-minded family. We traveled with a beloved cousin who cared for our children during the funeral events. We relaxed. We swam. We ate. We hugged good-bye. We came home. Home Sweet Home. Now we miss them all.