Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Did you bring the neighborhood?"

It was time to hit Sam's Club again today. We haven't been since this. Today I braved it without Mr. Muscles. Just me and the kids, our full cart and many questions from strangers. The title of this post was my favorite. It was followed by, "Wow" "What do you drive?" "Do you have to have car seats for everyone too?" I have to tell you, I am very polite when strangers come up to talk to my children without so much as a glance my way. I am also very polite when they just open mouth gape at our intimate grouping of 7. That is what really cracks me up. What are these people going to do when we are walking in with 10 kids?!

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Anonymous said...

Although I only have two, they attract enough attention of their own. I seemed to hit the golden hour at the market today and all of the retirees had to come and ask what country the girls are from. I usually don't mind. I figure most of these guys have fond memories of being stationed overseas. And based on their age, we may have been allies with China at the time they served. ;-)