Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kid Quote

This afternoon, Abigail and I went out for our annual date to pick out her birthday plates, napkins and party favors. I happened to have my husbands iPod with me so I scrolled through as we sat in traffic. We listened to Phantom of the Opera and sang loudly with the windows down. Then I came across something a little different. I am not sure of all the words to this song, so forgive me if there are some bad parts which neither one of us would approve. Also, forgive me if I am getting my husband in trouble right now. ;) I stopped at a song that I remembered was kind of a whistling type, so I threw it on to play for Abi.... "Will you still need me? Will you still feed me, when I'm 64?"

Abigail: 64!!! That is sooooo old.

Mom: Well, that's close to Oma and Papa's ages. (sorry Dad's and Mom's, just truth but we don't think you are old at all)

Abigail: What?!?! No way.

Mom: How old do you think Papa is, Abigail?

Abigail: 40 (how's that make you feel Daddy?)

Mom: Well, if that's the case he had me when he was about 6.

Abigail: What?!? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (she finds this very funny!)

Mom: Abi honey, Daddy and I are closer to 40 than Papa.

Abigail: Really?!? (still totally shocked and mouth gaping)

I certainly remember when 30 was old. How about you?

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Stephenie said...

Sooooooooo cute. What a fun memory for you two. And yes, I remember when 30 was old! Now I remember it as the time before my "smile lines" started showing up and my knees didn't ache!