Friday, May 15, 2009

The Graduate

Congratulations on completing 5th grade sweet Ashley!
We are so proud of you!
xoxo, Daddy and Moma
Ashley and Gramommy pose before the big event.

Daddy and Moma get to talk about our wonderful daughter!
Daddy presents Ashley's diploma!
Daddy and daughter share some laughs.
Moma gets a photo with her Daddy!

We feel so blessed that Jesus entrusted us with the care of His Ashley. She is joy to us. She is loving, respectful, a good leader, a good example, an obedient daughter, a fun friend and a wonderful student. I am bless to be her Moma and to share the
teaching responsibility with her Daddy. (We couldn't do it without you Peter!)


Anonymous said...

Ashley has grown up in so many ways. You have done a beautiful job in training up a child in the way
she should go. Her beauty far exceeds the external!
She never ceases to amaze me when I ask her a question and Jesus bubbles out. Lots of wisdom in
such youth...We love you so much Ashley and thank the
Lord for you in our lives :) You are a tremendous blessing to our family!!

Owlhaven said...

Beautiful family you have! Thanks for commenting at my place so I could come visit yours!!


blessedmomto7 said...


WE ARE SO ALIKE LOL! I am cracking up! you must email me