Monday, January 14, 2008

Disney World!!!

We are so excited! We broke the news to the kids on Friday night...
We are leaving for Disney World in 11 days. The kids are really excited. We were blessed to receive the use of a timeshare for the week. It coincided perfectly with my husbands one week of vacation this year. Yes, it's a God thing! We are blessed, overwhelmed, excited, encouraged, and ready to go. We invited our friends from church, who also happen to be in our homeschool co-op. It was the perfect time and blessing for them as well. Our kids really enjoy time with each other and we are all looking forward to the intensive fun time together. Ashley asked this afternoon if she could sit next to N* on the plane! N* is a boy, but she tells me that he is her best friend. We will have a sweet week with our friends...
Oh, you probably want to know how we told that kids?!?
We invited the D* family over for make your own pizza night. When it was time for dessert we gathered the children in the family room and gave them filled Disney popcorn buckets. I said, "Well, for dessert we are (then all parents joined in) GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!" The kids jumped around and danced.

We stand amazed at His good gifts.

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