Monday, January 7, 2008

John's surgery

John is having his adenoids taken out and ear tubes put in tomorrow morning. As he tells it, "I gonna have bubble gum on my face like this (covers face with hands) and I gonna go to sleep and wake up and my ears are gonna be better." Needless to say, we are all anxious for him to have this done. His hearing has suffered due to the build up in his sweet little neglected ears (not our doing!). Speech therapy begins next week. I will have to get used to not yelling for him to hear me. Yea God!

On another note, our co-op has been approved to participate in the box tops for education program. Family--please check your boxes, bags, Ziplocs, etc and send your box tops to us to help us save on tuition (we raise money for the school and our tuition shouldn't go up!). Next year we will be paying for 3 kids!

Now, for the quote of the day. We were speaking of how much Daddy has to work in order for us to pay for our house, food, etc. All the children agreed that they like living in a house and having food to eat. When the discussion was over, our sweet Abigail piped up with one last question: How much would you have to work for a big flat screen tv to go above the fireplace? We are a family without cable (hence our LHOTP dvds) who watch movies on our one tv or on the computer. Ha! The fireplace flat screen tv is not on the purchase list. But if you have one that you are giving away, we might be able to make it work.

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Stephie said...

We will pray for John! Give him a hug and his little "bubble gum" face a kiss for us.

Loved Abigail's comment about the TV. That is a crack up! :)