Saturday, May 31, 2008

Adoptions were is the story!

What a time it was! We rejoice that Abigail and John are both finalized! I hope you have not been "biting at the bit" waiting for my update and lots of pictures. Here are the events as played out beginning the night before we left:

5/21/08 Wednesday Night

10 pm Daniel was extremely uncomfortable with the hand, foot, mouth virus. He started with blisters on his lips and couldn't fall asleep. He finally did fall asleep at 10pm.

12 am Daniel (and Mommy) awoke miserable

12:45 am Daniel (and Mommy) awoke again, miserable

3 am Daniel (and Mommy) up again, sweet boy, just miserable
John came in to announce he had to pee

4 am Our alarm goes off for us to get ready for our flight. Mommy up, Daddy and Daniel sleeping through alarm.

4:50 am Daniel doesn't want to wake up, but does and seeming better, downs some water! Yea God! We are out the door to the airport.

6:10 am Board flight

6:30 am Flight Attendant announces that there is a problem with the engine indicator light for the left engine and that we will have a 20 minute delay.

6:50 am All is well and we pull out onto the tarmac.

7:00 am Flight Attendant announces we have a problem with the right engine indicator light (hey, didn't we just go through something like this for the other engine?!)

7:50 am After sitting on the tarmac with high hopes of taking off shortly, we pull back into our gate and change planes. We were gracious and I even thanked our Captain for the nice short nap. He was surprised that we would have such a good attitude.

8:00 am Board and get all six of us settled (again!)

We arrived at our destination a few hours later than we expected...

11 am (somewhere east of our residence) We arrived, rented our mini-van, changed the children out of their "pjs" (really just comfortable sweat/sleeping/travel gear).

12 pm Drive through Hardees for a burger, fries and soda. Yum! Everyone's doing great now that we are sugared and fattened up!

1 pm Run around a very wet, muddy park before changing into court attire.

2 pm Show up for court hearing

2:30 pm Court hearing time comes and goes

4 pm We get in to see the judge!

4:10 pm All is final and we walk out of court room, snap a few pictures with all those who helped to make the day possible. Woo-hoo!

5 pm We grab some yummy ice cream at the Crayola restaurant and let the children each pick an item from the adjacent store in celebration.

6 pm Return the rental car, change back into travel gear.

6:30 pm We are at the airport and ready to grab some dinner before we catch our 8 pm flight.

What, what's this I see? OH, we are DELAYED! Hmmmm? We get to entertain the children with pizza and sodas for FOUR hours in this tiny airport. Oh well, OK!

10:30 pm We take off

2 am We land

3 am We are home

3:30 am We are sleeping

8 am We wake up, unpack

8:10 am We realize we left our camera in a bathroom at the mall

8:11 am We smile at each other

Just another day in the life! But this day was complete with a happy ending...never to be seen on film!

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