Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a Week!

Hello All,
I can't believe I haven't written since my disappointment with ClustrMap. Thanks to 60 Toes and PetersonClan for the SiteMeter advice. I will try to update my site with that today.
Do things always happen at your home when your husband leaves!? My husband was no more than 20 minutes out the door for a trip when our septic alarm started whining. I knew exactly what to do as it had sounded about six months ago. At that time the nice gentlemen from the county had to remove the pump from the front yard, while they complained about the huge grass that the previous owners planted right next to it, only to discover that someone in our house had been flushing baby wipes! We had six months of strict "do-not-flush-baby-wipes" or "anything else of a non-septic nature" rules and then the dreaded alarm sounded once again. I must say that the men from the county were here within 30 minutes of my call. In the meantime I am going through the house constantly reminding all those who are here to not flush the toilet. After hearing three separate flushes..."No, you may not use the bathroom as I had already told you to not flush and you did, so now, this time you have to hold it, as I do not want poop all over the inside of my house. To keep your mind off of it do some push ups." I know I sound like a rough Mom! Well, who wants poop all over the house? I also know that if it were me having to go that badly, push-ups wouldn't do anything to help keep my mind off of it. For some reason it bought me 10 more minutes not having the kids in the bathroom. After three hours we found out that the pump had a broken pipe due to the basket getting clogged from something resembling the inevitable baby-wipes. After much thought I concluded that it was not baby wipes, rather those wonderful, "save you from time consuming scrubbing," flushable toilet cleaners. I think I am at fault. Those things weren't on the "do not flush" list. So, am I really at fault? I think not. I think I will just add them to the "anything else of a non-septic nature" rules and go back to on-my-knees scrubbing. You know, the kind that really gets the toilet clean!
So all of that wonderful adventure was plopped right into the middle of everything else we did this week: helped to open Papa and Granmommy's pool, had our water tested for our updated foster care home study (we have to do this every year and every year it's an adventure in itself for some reason), Church and final membership class, homeschooling ("and this is how you pull a septic pump children"), Ladies Retreat worship practice (I leave in 7 days and get to help with worship) and all the normal daily life kind of stuff.
I am excited about my upcoming retreat. I will relay a funny story from last year. During our session times I keep my phone off and check messages in between should Peter need me.
I was excited to get messages from Peter until I heard them!

Message one:
"Hey Babe, just wondering where you keep the cleaners. All I can find is the Windex and I'm not sure if that will do it."

Message two:
"Hey, no worries. I got all the poop cleaned up."

So, if you are me you are wondering:
1) Where was the poop? otherwise read: Oh no, on a carpet, where?
2)Did you find the right cleaners? otherwise read: Did you use Windex on the carpet?
3)What in the world happen? otherwise read: A little more info please.

I know there was a lot of poop talk in this post. I hope I didn't scare you off! When you have four children it tends to be a topic of conversation in the home. Also, my present week as well as my upcoming week have me a little focused on the next adventure that may be right around the corner!

On a nicer note:
Last year, upon my return from the Ladies Retreat, I was surprised to find that my wonderful husband and children had planted four beautiful hydrangea bushes across the front of our house in honor of me for Mother's Day. They are great! I love you five. XO

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