Sunday, May 18, 2008

School is over?

Last week is over and a new week begins. I have neglected my blog and have not felt anything creative to write about. I go through each day accomplishing the tasks before me and always wishing I had the inclination and energy for more. Our homeschool co-op is completed for the year. We will not be sitting at the dining room table pouring over our classical learning books. We will now officially have time for pleasure reading, handwriting practice and most importantly new scripture memorization. Oh yes, and we get to finish our Math for the year. Our co-op does not include Math.

It is raining, the girls are with my parents, the boys are napping and I do not want to face the pile of paperwork that has built up this week. I want to nap, read other peoples blogs, read a good book, each chocolate, check my phone to see if I have missed calls, take up a new language, reorganize the house, anything but sort and file all the paper!

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