Monday, May 12, 2008

Ladies Retreat, Donna Partow, Mothers Day, Homeschooling

I have been out of town on a Ladies Retreat with my church. My Mom and Sister went as well and we had a nice time. Peter was with the kids and gained a new appreciation of me. My favorite quote was a text that he sent, "I am amazed at how long it takes to unload the dishwasher when all the other things of life take a second here and a minute there. I sure appreciate you!" Isn't that so nice?! They all faired well. Events of the two days for Peter and the kids included: one doctors appointment, a trip to Costco, marigolds being planted around the garden and a Daddy Daughter luau for Girl Scouts. I even came home to an orderly house. Yea Babe!

My retreat was led by a woman named Donna Partow. She wrote a book called This Isn't the Life I Signed Up For. I have not read it, but many women from my church had and enjoyed it, which led to our hiring her to speak. Our theme was Hope. Hope for the past, present and future. Donna talks about not being a Porcupine: A creature with a lot of good points, but no one wants to be around! Isn't that great? She also mentioned being a real jar of clay for Christ. In biblical times if a jar was cracked they would put wax over the jar so that it seemed perfect. Donna encouraged us to not pour wax over our cracks, but rather to let the cracks (painful things) in our life show so that Christs light can shine through. That is being real. My Mom, sister and I were able to help with the design and decoration of the prayer tent. This is something that our church does at the retreat every year. We set up one of the hotel rooms (emptied out) with a white tent, flowing sheer material, flowers, an altar and prayer request cards. It is a place to go and be at peace before the Lord. We were blessed to be a part of that. We filled it with hundreds of daisies (this was the retreat theme flower) and babies breath. The room and altar over-looked the ocean. It was amazing. I was also able to be a part of the worship team this year. I haven't done that in a few years and was so blessed to get to know the other ladies and help in that way.

Mother's Day was yesterday. It was such a nice day for us. We went to church in the morning. our Pastor had asked me to say a few words about my Mom in front of the congregation. It was so neat to be able to talk about her and the wonderful woman she is. She really loves the Lord, is a prayer warrior and serves with hr hands. You are great Mom! My husband and kids showed me that I was great by planting marigold around the garden for me and purchasing me a Roomba. I used the Roomba (robotic vacuum) all day today. I am so grateful for it and my husbands kindness to me in getting me exactly what I wanted. I think it will definitely save me some time. I put it downstairs today and let it run. I sat down with the kids and colored (insert huge Mom smile here because I actually just sat and enjoyed simple time with them). I went downstairs to see how the Roomba was doing and found that the entire floor was spotless! Yea!!!

We are heading into our final week of school as of today. Our co-op was actually canceled due to our wonderful east coast storm. It is still hovering overhead. The wind was so amazing that it tore the top off of our hot tub. We also had some siding slapping against the house (makes for a nice night sleep), chairs in the neighbors yard and trash cans rolling around between houses. From the sound of the wind I thought we would have lost something or had more damage, but all was fine and/or recovered.

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