Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Peter and I went to see Ben Steins Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed on Monday evening. We had the theater to ourselves and although we liked the freedom, we were disappointed that the theater wasn't packed. Now, of course we did go to the 4:20 showing on a Monday afternoon...I know, I know, that explains a lot!

We really liked the film. You already know from my blog that we are Christians. We love the Lord and we know that Jesus came to die for our sins, was buried and resurrected three days later. We believe He is seated with the Father in heaven and that the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit are one. We believe in the hypostatic union (that Jesus is both fully God and fully man and is in no way inferior to God).

All that being said, we loved this movie! We were watching it from a Christian perspective, but Mr. Stein is Jewish and he doesn't focus on religion, nor does he argue his points with the scientists whom he interviews. He asks plain and simple questions and gets some extremely interesting answers. Go see the movie!!! If you are a Christian, go see the movie. If you are Jewish, go see the movie. If you are Agnostic, go see the movie. If you are a Humanist, go see the movie. If you are Muslim, go see the movie. If you are Hindu, go see the movie. Ok, stopping here. I do not mean to leave out a particular group of people, I just don't want to get dull. Besides, this is not a politically correct blog. So, basically, if you are alive, breathing, have a few bucks for a movie (face it, you can forgo the popcorn no matter how great it smells) and are AT ALL curious why scientists are choosing to totally ignore intelligent design as an option for how we began (except for aliens placing their seed here of course), then GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Now I do warn you, it's a documentary. However, Ben Stein is creative, makes you think, makes interesting correlations between the Berlin wall and lack of ID in science and really put himself on the line to bring this movie to the public.

Ben Stein interviewed on Fox:

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mommy to four j's said...

Hi i love your blog what a beautiufl family. My cousin who live in Colorado are looking to adopt they had a vescectomy and now they wish that they didn't. do you have any advice or do you know where they can get started. They are Christians, thanks char