Saturday, April 26, 2008

Disappointed with ClustrMap

I am sorry to have to remove my ClustrMap as I was really enjoying it.
This evening I logged in to take a look at where you all were located only to discover an advertisement with which I do not agree. It was a "racy" ad for clothing and it is not my wish to lead anyone to stumble. I am disappointed with ClustrMap for allowing this type of advertisement and I plan to let them know.
I will no longer have the ability to see where you are checking in from. Please leave me comments as I love to hear from you!


Carri said...

I have sitemeter on my blog. You can get there by following the link. I can see not only how many people visit, where they link from, etc. but also where they are from. I have a lot of fun!

60 toes said...

i like sitemeter too