Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Things We Do-Trampoline

My husband and I had a fun time on our trampoline last night. We sent the children to do their nighttime routine while we played. We laughed and I tried whole-heartedly to "take him down" with my smooth wrestling moves. I have to say that my husband is very strong. He outweighs me by 90 pounds! But I was a pistol and determined. It was all to no avail until he decided to "fall down" (aka: rest). I then tried to pin him and he was able to take both of my feet in one hand while I tried to get away. He let go and my foot came flying without control! The result was a direct kick to his face. The laughing stopped, at least on his part. I tried to get myself under control after laughing for almost 40 minutes straight. He held his head and I repeated, "I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry, are you okay?" He wound up with a nice "egg" right above his left eyebrow. It is still sore today, but not quite as pronounced. As I have proved myself as a woman who should not be messed with, I don't think I will need to challenge him for a while! Yeah, right.

This is not the first incident on our trampoline. Although we have strict rules on what is allowed to take place out there, accidents still happen. Several weeks ago Abigail was jumping with reckless abandon and came right up into my nose. The result of that was a bloody nose and two black eyes.

Would I still recommend a trampoline? Well, yes, I now have a claim to fame. So, wouldn't you?

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James Mockery said...

There are many people who like to jump on trampoline because it gives many benefits but sometime without safety it can be resulted in injuries.