Thursday, April 10, 2008

I added a ClustrMap

I added a map from ClustrMaps to the lower left side of my page. I am looking forward to seeing where you are all located. I have been neglecting my blog as I have not had anything really interesting or useful to write about. My sweet Pete is on a trip again so it's catch up time for things around the house. Maybe by tomorrow I will have the gumption to write something thrilling for you all! Until then, visit one of my links to read about adoption...there are still 144,000 waiting children in the foster care system. If you visit AdoptUSkids you may find the child that is waiting for you!

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Anonymous said...

Just had the time to read this (I am without children this weekend...I think in all my years of mothering this has only happened like 3 times but unfortunately it is going to be a more frequent thing!). Anyway, your site is absolutely beautiful...I am not a crier but I cried thru your description of being a military wife! That was so beautifully written!!! You are such a wonderful woman of God and a your family is blessed to have you!!! Stay in His Grip, Paula