Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please pray for Daniel

Hi Friends,
Daniel, our 3 yo and the one in the blue shirt in picture above, is having an endoscopy tomorrow morning. He has had a stomach problem for months and has been on Prevacid for the last 6 months. Tomorrow is to pinpoint the problem. Please keep him in your prayers throughout the morning. We report at 7:30 with a 9:00am endoscopy. It will be an early morning for us as we have to leave the house at 6. Daniel is not allowed to have anything to eat or milk after midnight tonight. He is only allowed a little water 3 hours before the event. So, at 6am he gets a little water and his daily pill. He is used to having milk in the morning, so please pray that he will not have the need for it. He is such a good boy and I am sure everything will go well. Peter and I are having a date with him tonight as the other children head to my parents for a fun time with them. I asked Daniel what he wanted for dinner. His reply, "I want a beep beep (aka car) Hot Wheels Beat That after I am a good boy at my Doctors." It's all about the car for our sweet boy. I have seen little boys like cars before, but ours LOVES his beep-beeps. If you are wondering about the name...what sounds does a car make? Beep-beep! It has stuck with us since he started talking.

Also, the girls get to go with their grandfather for "take your daughter to work" day. His office has planned for a really fun day for the girls. With my husband being an airline pilot and not really able to "take his daughters to work" less they get "bumped" from a flight (yikes!), it's so nice that their grandfather is able to do this with them. Thanks Dad!

I will update you as soon as possible after we are home tomorrow. Or as soon as I know anything! Thanks for praying...

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Sadlier Family said...

Praying that all goes well for Daniel this morning!