Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ice Cream Truck

It is starting to feel like Summer! We even had a visit from the ice cream truck. My children's eyes were wide with excitement as they heard the music and watched him approach. Uncle Rich was here and treated them to what I dubbed "dinner." So I am posting these pictures with a couple expectations of my faithful readers:

1. No comments about my brother being shirtless or his tattoo. He faithfully played soccer and went on the trampoline with all four kids. He's a stud, we all know it.

2. No comments about ice cream being "dinner." With a husband who is out of town many-a-night, dinner is what it is! This evening I roasted a turkey, steamed veggies and was all ready for a nice dinner when I got the call. "Hi, I am stuck in Connecticut due to weather. Won't be home til 7, I hope." See, if I had NOT made a big dinner he would have been home for cereal! Now I know you are all worried that my children are not getting proper nutrition. Rest assured our daily snack is a veggie platter and I enforce protein every day. Ice Cream for dinner was an anomaly, but granola on yogurt is definitely not!

You all know that you can't pick which one of the staged photos to blog since they were individuals. So, each child has their own with Uncle Rich.
Thanks for coming to play Uncle Rich!
Thanks for treating us to "dinner!"
Come play again soon!

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