Friday, April 25, 2008

Daniels Update

3 numbing patches on hands and arms
painting Thomas (from Granmommy)
waiting to get IV started--he knew he was getting a needle in his arm!

brave boy

playing beep-beep with the nurse

happy brave boy
concentrating, praying daddy

Hello All,
Thank you for praying for our precious Daniel. The nurses said they had never seen a 3 year old so polite and so good. He watched as the nurses put his IV in his arm and chatted with them about how he is getting a new Hot Wheels beep-beep after his procedure.
We REJOICE and PRAISE OUR LORD as his stomach, esophagus and intestine all looked very normal and healthy. The Doctor said that you can have reflux symptoms without damage. He is guessing that is what is going on in our sweet boy. He took two biopsies to rule out a few things. We rest knowing that nothing major is going on in his little tummy. Having had this procedure myself, I knew first hand some of the complications that could have occurred and we feel so blessed that God led us to Dr. Latimer and led Dr. Latimers hand throughout the scope. If you happen to live in the DC area and need a Pediatric Gastroenterologist, we highly recommend Dr. Latimer of Georgetown University Hospital.

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